Duck Lake Hike

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Duck Pass Trail area MAP (49k) duckmapTH[1].jpg (2727 bytes)
This was taken just off the trail to duck pass. This is 1.5 miles from the cold water campground trailhead.

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On the way to Duck Lake on Duck Pass. Barney and Skelton Lakes in background. The good thing about this hike is you can stop at lakes along the way. If you don't make it to Duck oh well.. uppass500.jpg (33200 bytes)
Top of Duck Pass. Duck lake is in the forground and Pika Lake is just beond. This is a 2 1/2 to three hour hike from the Coldwater trail head. We are happy to be here because it is down hill now. duckp500.jpg (27609 bytes)
Duck Lake in background downpass475.jpg (34511 bytes)
Camping between Duck and Pika Lakes.

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