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Virtual Check In at St. Anton Condos Canyon Lodge


Pull in the driveway located off Canyon Blvd. Park in an open space near the office. If you arrive between 8am-5pm you can pick up your key in the office.
If you arrive after hours you can get your key and your assigned parking space from the lock box just inside the office door. Your parking tag and key is in the envelope with your name on it. Make sure you call the office to get the lock box combination if there is any chance you will arrive after 5:00pm.
Locate your building, parking spot and the entry door you will use to travel from your car to your condo. Unit number 37 is in building B right next to the office. Building A is accessed using a separate garage entry. Building C parking is accesses via the Building B garage entry.
Before you park your car in your parking spot, unload your car in front of the garage entry door before you park your car in your assigned space.

office lockbox unload